AstraZeneca Australia (AZA) a 30 year plus customer of Rommelag found itself in an unusual situation this year regarding Factory Acceptance of a Rommelag 460 Machine.

AZA was due to conduct Factory Acceptance Trials (FAT) in February in Germany on a Rommelag 460 machine however around this period the COVID -19 virus was gaining momentum in Europe and AZA decided it was not safe to send its staff to conduct this trial.

Rommelag was approached with the intent and guidance from AZA to conduct a “social distancing” FAT.

Both Rommelag and AZA brought teams together in collaboration to figure out how a FAT could be conducted.

With the use of digital technology and hard work by both parties a plan was devised, agreed to and implemented.

Over a few weeks working closely with Rommelag we managed to conduct an FAT, albeit with minimum requirements.  

Both Rommelag and AZA were very flexible and professional to each other’s needs.

This collaboration meant that a machine has been accepted and delivered in very different and difficult times.  

With a lot of thinking outside the square and close knit collaboration between the two parties the project was delivered on time. However, it is no means a substitute for a shop floor Factory Acceptance Trial.

AstraZeneca Australia wishes to thank the staff at Rommelag for all the good work, flexibility and collaboration during this difficult however important FAT.


Giulio Zaccaria

Project Engineer


Dennis Van Es

Electrical Engineering Project Manager


AstraZeneca Pty Ltd.

Supply and Manufacturing Division | Australia

Cisen really appreciates all efforts Rommelag has done for them due to our absence for the FAT.  But what Rommelag has done for the FAT gave Cisen confidence and guarantee for the machine quality and delivery. This is a mutual trust between customer and supplier. But not only the manufacture site but also the transportation department have offered thoroughly support to ensure ontime delivery. All these effort shows Rommelag has professional staff, flexibility and multiple channel connection with forwarding company and custom clearance.

Mr.  Xiaoting CUI,

V.GM of Cisen Pharma Group, China

Due to the current travel restrictions we were not able to send our team to Switzerland for the FAT of our machine. We were therefore happy that Rommelag offered the possibility to ‘virtually’ participate in the machine acceptance by video conference. We have complete confidence in Rommelag and know from the previous machines that we can fully rely on the Rommelag Engineering team in Reitnau. Thanks to the machine acceptance via video there will be no significant delay in the delivery of the machine, which is very important for us.

Sarkor Isonbaev

General Director

Dentafill Plyus LLC, Uzbekistan

My name is Brenden Jacobson, a process engineer with Unither in the United States, and I was managing the installation of a new bottelpack. This was the first bottelpack for which I was leading an FAT, so I was worried when COVID-19 prevented me from being able to take my team to Germany to perform the FAT in person. However, after the first meeting I held with Christophe Benoit and Steffen Beyerbach, any concerns I once had about a proper FAT completion were erased, and I was reassured that the Rommelag team would genuinely endeavor to complete the procedures as well as we would have had we been there ourselves.


The Rommelag team and I decided that the FAT would be executed without Unither present, but that they would use the Unither-drafted protocol. As the Unither protocol was executed, we held daily meetings to go over the progress. Any time a question was raised by Unither, Rommelag was able to provide a response or resolution by the meeting the next day. At the conclusion of the FAT, every test in the Unither protocol was carried out to completion perfectly, and the punch list had already been addressed and ready for shipment. No one at Unither was worried about receiving a machine that they were not able to FAT themselves because of the professionalism and attention to detail that Christophe, Steffen, and their team of technicians consistently displayed. We’d like to thank the Rommelag team for their hard work through such strange and difficult times, and we look forward to working with them in the future.


Best regards,

Brenden Jacobson
Associate BFS Engineer

UNITHER Manufacturing LLC
755 Jefferson Road

Rochester, NY 14623