Packaging Inhalants with Blow-Fill-Seal

Packaging Inhalants with Blow-Fill-Seal

In the production and packaging of nebulizer solutions and other inhalant medications, BFS processing offers a safer, more user-friendly, and more cost effective alternative to glass ampoules.

Key features and benefits of bottelpack for inhalants

  • Precise dosing in single-use containers
  • Filling volumes between 1-5ml
  • Made from mono material LDPE or PP resins
  • Highest sterility assurance
  • Distinctive, user-friendly container designs

Enhanced sterility and safety

Plastic ampoules created in a blow-fill-seal process eliminate the risks associated with glass containers, such as lacerations, splinters, and trace particulate contamination upon opening. These characteristics make blow-fill-seal packaging ideal for nebulizer and other inhalant solutions used in critical care applications.

Furthermore, as a highly hygienic packaging and filling process requiring minimal human intervention, blow-fill-seal has been verified to produce pharmaceutical packaging that is virtually free of endotoxins and viable microorganisms.

User-friendly end product

BFS ampoules offer a convenient container and closure system for the treatment of chronic pulmonary diseases, both by healthcare professionals and the patients themselves. Especially compared to glass, lightweight BFS packaging makes inhalant solutions easy to transport, store, and dispense, with no risk of shattering.

Cost-effective, customized production

The flexibility of blow molding allows for endless possibilities in container design. Nebulizer solutions and respiratory care products packaged on bottelpack machines can be easily customized to include distinctive designs and tamper evident closures. Blow-fill-seal eliminates the need for costly container inventory, storage, and sterilization operations by carrying out container forming, filling, and closure in a single continuous process.



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