Packaging vaccines with blow-fill-seal technology

Packaging vaccines with blow-fill-seal technology

Bringing new vaccines to market invariably involves extensive research and trials, but also a number of manufacturing challenges. For one thing, vaccines may be highly sensitive to temperature, primary packaging materials, and agitation. Furthermore, the often small batch sizes can prove challenging in scaling the production of injectables in order to fulfil urgent and widespread needs for new vaccines.

The ideal filling equipment for highly potent and sensitive liquids, bottelpack blow-fill-seal technology, offers an innovative solution to many challenges of the vaccine manufacturing process. This continuous aseptic packaging technique combines high production efficiency with the utmost sterility to produce vaccine containers that are quick to distribute and easy to administer.

Single-use vaccine containers made via blow-fill-seal are manufactured to contain the precise dosage to be administered. In this way, human error that may lead to the over- or underdosing of vaccines is virtually eliminated.


Key features and benefits for vaccine filling and packaging

  • Flexible fill volumes from 0,1 ml
  • Made from mono material LDPE resins
  • Sterile dosage form with Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2)
  • Highest sterility assurance (SAL)
  • Highly automated process minimizes risks for people and the environment
  • CoolBFS technology for temperature sensitive products
  • Single-use containers prevent tampering and incorrect dosing
  • Proven and cost-effective production with output up to 37.000 ampoules/h
  • Customized container designs for differentiated product applications
  • Ideal for products that must be stored at low temperatures
  • Flexible application possibilities, from micro batches to clinical studies to market launches

coolBFS for filling heat-sensitive biologicals including vaccines

While standard BFS aseptic filling processes are performed at room temperature, Rommelag’s coolBFS technology for bottelpack machines protects the potency of heat-sensitive ingredients used to manufacture vaccines. The coolBFS system keeps the product at a predesignated temperature and uses special mechanisms to quickly cool the newly molded vaccine containers before filling.

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Rommelag ENGINEERING: your partner for packaging biologicals

Let us support you in the development of innovative containers for vaccines and other biological products. We’ll start with test kits to determine compatibility with vaccine packaging materials before moving on to trial mold manufacturing, proof of concept fills, stability fills, and manufacturing registration batches. From product development to clinical trials to market launch, Rommelag ENGINEERING will accompany you throughout the entire lifecycle of your both your product and your bottelpack BFS vaccine packaging equipment.



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