The Rommelag Pharma Platform: Aseptic Filling 4.0

The Rommelag Pharma Platform: Aseptic Filling 4.0

The new Rommelag Pharma Platform, RPP, is the basis for digitalizing your bottelpack BFS aseptic filling system for the next generation of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

RPP comes with a detailed information model, granting access to a wide array of possibilities for leveraging data and integrating third-party tools. By networking your bottelpack machines with your shop floor, office, and the Rommelag Service Center, RPP helps you streamline your production and maintenance processes for better decision making and real-time monitoring.


Digital value creation for pharmaceutical manufacturing

With RPP, your bottelpack machine acts as the conduit for connecting your shop floor to Rommelag’s service and maintenance cloud. The power of RPP lies at the intersection of four key digital components that enable enhanced production, servicing, and recordkeeping for pharma processes:

  • OPC UA digital integration – Using the industry standard for machine communication protocol, RPP connects bottelpack machines to your MES and operational historian database. This streamlines automated batch control and archiving.
  • Smarter operation – Leverage data in real-time to make better decisions. The RPP dashboard helps you monitor OEE, identify production bottlenecks, and instantly generate configurable reports.
  • Risk-free remote support – Secure, one-way cloud connectivity gives you safe and instant access to machine state recording and remote servicing. Live snapshots of your device are transmitted to Rommelag Service, empowering informed diagnostics and quick problem solving.
  • Interactive maintenance – Leverage detailed runtime information to accurately predict upcoming maintenance windows, reducing unnecessary downtime. Connect to our virtual catalog to find spare parts and additional technical information compatible with your equipment.
Digital value creation for pharmaceutical manufacturing


bottelpack and Pharma 4.0

Watch this video to learn more about how digitalized blow-fill-seal equipment can help empower manufacturing companies to overcome some of the most pressing challenges in the pharmaceutical industry.

Is blow-fill-seal right for your product?

BFS is often the safer, more flexible, and more cost-effective option for aseptic filling and packaging in the pharmaceutical industry. Learn more about the many applications and advantages of blow-fill-seal.



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