The Flecotec System

The Flecotec System

The manufacture of pharmaceuticals in powder or tablet form often goes along with handling toxic or highly sensitive solids in quantities that could put people's lives directly at risk. Strict safety standards therefore apply to all stages of the process in which people might come into contact with these active ingredients. Cross-contamination with other raw materials and active ingredients likewise has to be ruled out at all times.

With Flecotec, Rommelag has developed an ingenious system that reliably protects workers and the product from contamination, while also allowing protective clothing to be done away with in many work areas. As a result, your processes are extremely simple to pack with to the Flecotec system. What more, the system also offers impressive cost-effectiveness from start to finish (of the production line), because it’s hard to find a quicker way to achieve contamination-free material transfer. The system is primarily used in laboratories and clean rooms working on the production of active ingredients, for example for weighing in the isolator, for filling and decanting finished tablets, and for transferring powders and other solids. See for yourself ...

Flecotec Containment System

As all sampling, filling, and decanting processes are simply packaged when the Flecotec system is used, all facility and process certification remains fully intact. There are absolutely no costs or expenses incurred for new or additional inspections.

In addition, the Flecotec system is all about single-use containment. Once a process step has been completed, the entire system is simply disposed of, keeping cleaning and sterilization work that takes time and costs a lot down to a minimum.

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