As simple as it is ingenious

Flecotric, which stands for “flexible containment tri-clamp,” makes connecting process units and single-use blown film types easy, and therefore does away with the need for stainless steel connections in many instances. This also eliminates elaborate cleaning processes, expensive validation, and complex assembly.

Better safe than sorry

The connecting tube attached with the help of the Flecotric ring is simply disposed of after use and is replaced by a new one. Single-use technology offers the major advantage of being able to process various different products on the same system. This cuts out expensive and time-consuming system conversion and documentation, and reliably prevents cross-contamination.

Flexible use

The film type used for the connector has a standard thickness of 130 µm. It is therefore ideal for powder transfer and for filling/decanting processes. For weighing, we offer film thicknesses starting at 50 µm, to give you as accurate a result as possible.

Dimensions for all scenarios

The containers are available in various sizes. Depending on the volume, be it milliliter containers for handling very small amounts or 100-liter containers for large volumes, a different blown film diameter is used. This match the usual connection diameters of the process units and are available in the sizes 2’’, 4’’, 6’’, 8’’, 10’’, and 12’’. Flecotric comes with a standard TC gasket and can therefore be combined with other standard docking systems.

Flecotric at a glance

  • Flexible use thanks to various film sizes
  • Standard thickness ideal for powder transfer and for filling/decanting
  • Special film strengths for weighing without getting distorted results
  • Standard connection diameters
  • Standard DT gasket
  • Transparent film types for controllable material flow
  • And much more besides