Rommelag FLEX provides customers all over the world with first-class film packaging solutions for all possible and seemingly impossible applications. To ensure that our film types do exactly what you want them to, we at Rommelag don’t do anything without first having consulted you thoroughly in person. We dedicate time to you and together we determine which packaging solution is just the right one for your needs.


Watertight, with vapor permeability, tearproof, with UV protection, foodsafe, and so on – types of film have to perform a variety of task and invariably have to perform more than one task at a time. We produce top-class LDPE film types for hygiene packaging, food packaging, and industrial applications. With our diverse fleet of machines, we will be able to cater to your enquiry, be it about a narrow tube or a wide printing substrate.

Sie brauchen eine Verpackungslösung, die wir mit unserem Standardprogramm nicht abdecken können? Dann entwickelt, testet und produziert Rommelag FLEX für Sie genau die Folie, die alle geforderten Produkteigenschaften erfüllt und dabei auch noch optisch richtig was her macht.


These days, attractive packaging is an integral part of successful marketing. The look and surface feel have to be just right if your product is to survive against the competition. We can print for you using multicolored raster flexographic printing. This guarantees perfect product presentation in terms of look and brilliance. And we deliver unwaveringly high quality thanks to our seamless quality control.