Our technologies have the certification required in the pharma, chemical, and food industries. They meet GMP and FDA standards and are available in antistatic versions. All the components are manufactured under clean room conditions and remain in this environment until they are fully packed and distributed.

Yes, in principle, although there is currently no empirical data regarding sterile use. The units that come into contact with products can be delivered ready-sterilized (gamma irradiation). Heat sterilization is not possible because of the materials involved.

The components that come into contact with products, such as the film and the Flecozip profile, are made of an LDPE material that meets FDA standards. The other components are made of plastics. No metal is used.

The manufacture of pharmaceutical active ingredients and tablets.

Solids such as powders, granules, tablets, and capsules. Liquids cannot be used.

When used as a primary interface, emission values of < 1 µg/m3 can be achieved. When used as a secondary interface, a filter factor of approximately 100 can be achieved.

No, because flexible containers are generally very sensitive to pressure – both positive and negative.

A closure can be used multiple times in certain areas of application.

An infinite extrusion profile is produced. As such, any opening cross section can be created. Different opening cross sections can even be docked.

Yes. In fact, our technology is primarily used as a so-called secondary interface.

As a rule, the system can be adapted to any machine interface in accordance with the customer’s specifications. The standard connection method is with a tri-clamp connection adapter (outer diameter 2”/4”/6”/8”).

We are unable to quote all-in prices due to the complexity of containment needs, but we are happy to give you a quotation based on your specific containment needs. Contact us.

Option 1:

We buy the container from your preferred film supplier and manufacture the product in our own clean room.


Option 2:

We supply your preferred supplier with the profile, for them to manufacture the product in their own clean rooms.


Option 3:

We see to everything and supply you with the complete product using the film prefabricated in our clean room.