Flecotec Material Transfer System

Flecotec Material Transfer System

A unique pharmaceutical containment solution for toxic or highly sensitive solids

The Flecotec Material Transfer System (MTS) is an innovative, reusable barrier concept designed for use with Flecozip-Bags during the aseptic transfer of pharmaceutical powders, granules, and tablets. MTS maintains a completely sterile transfer process by ensuring that the Flecozip-Profile never comes into contact with the product. Depending on the product being transferred, MTS can be reused a number of times. With the careful application of a Flecozip-Adapter, the Material Transfer System may be used for as many as 15 cycles. Should the Flecozip-Profile begin to deteriorate, it must be replaced immediately.

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The Advantages of the Flecotec Containment System at a Glance

  • Flexible system
  • All components made from pharmaceutical grade materials
  • Simple assembly
  • Compliant with all certifications (if system is used as a secondary interface)
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Compatible with nearly all LDPE containers
  • Containers available in volumes ranging from a few milliliters to 100 liters
  • Flecotric comes standard with a TC gasket
  • Plastic films available in a range of thicknesses

  • 130 µm standard thickness is ideal for aseptic powder transfer

  • Special film thicknesses minimize weighing errors

  • Available in all standard connection diameters

  • Highly economical

  • Minimal cleaning costs

  • And so much more


Flecofilm is a pharmaceutical grade material specially developed for applications in pharmaceutical manufacturing as well as in fine chemicals, food and cosmetics.

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The Flecotec Containment System includes a new concept for filling and discharging:
the Flecotec Material Transfer System (MTS), equipped with Flecotec zippers as a secondary interface.

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