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Container Inspection Machine (CIM) for BFS

Our Container Inspection Machine (CIM) offers a precise and reliable check of your blow-fill-seal containers using an automatic visual inspection (AVI). It detects faults, process deviations, and other significant or functional defects and reliably sorts out the affected containers. With a fully documented and validated quality control process that offers maximum speed and flexibility, the CIM ensures the consistent quality of your products. It meets all GAMP and 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

Automated inspection

Our automated visual inspection technology reliably and non-destructively detects particle defects and cosmetic defects such as discoloration of the BFS sleeve and poorly legible engravings.
The modular system has one or more camera systems working in parallel. These systems automatically reject defective containers and generate measurement reports rapidly and comprehensively.
This means that you have not only 100% control but also an inspection system that can be qualified and validated.


Quality assurance at the highest level


Qualified and validated process

CIM guarantees a qualified and validated quality control process.


Consistent results

Repeatable and person-independent quality testing ensures the high quality of your products.


Image preservation

Prevent damage to your image due to impaired product quality thanks to our fully automated quality monitoring.


Documentation and compliance

A fully documented inspection process including detailed reconciliation of acceptable and unacceptable products that meets all GAMP and 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.


High speed

The CIM offers maximum speed even for the most complex inspection tasks.


Simple customization

The system can be easily adapted to new requirements.



Freely definable sorting criteria in compliance with pharmaceutical safety aspects.


CIM in action


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