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We are the inventor of the Blow-Fill-Seal-Technology (BFS) as well as flexible containment systems based on plastics. Our ideas and complete solutions guarantee that pharmaceuticals, in particular, can be filled safely and sustainably - by our customers or on their behalf. The basis for this is the unique service portfolio of our divisions. This is made possible by the more than 2,000 employees of our family-run group of companies.

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Filling Your Needs: for the good of all people

Health and physical integrity are key resources, as the COVID-19 pandemic clearly demonstrated, further fueling the health megatrend. It now permeates all areas and defines entire lifestyles. We are making an active, significant contribution with our Blow-Fill-Seal technology, aseptic filling machines, special pharmaceutical services, and single-use containment systems.

Blow-Fill-Seal safely, quickly and sustainably produces unadulterated medications, some of which are vital, and a wide variety of healthcare products. Flecotec containment systems protect employees and products in API and (bio)pharmaceutical production from contamination and toxic substances. All our solutions guarantee easy handling and reduce operating errors - in the manufacturing process, during transport and application. This is what we like to work for and what spurs us on again and again to top performance.


Together unbeatable: the Rommelag group of companies

We are an association of eight independently operating family-owned companies. Rommelag is the umbrella brand for our products and services. It bundles the four divisions: Engineering, CMO, Flex and Service. Our locations are in Switzerland and Germany. We operate sales companies in China and the USA, as well as agencies in over 20 countries.


This division offers the entire expertise on BFS systems and testing machines from consulting and development to production and sales. Rommelag Engineering includes:

Kocher-Plastik Maschinenbau GmbH

The development of the first bottelpack prototype was followed by the foundation in Sulzbach-Laufen (D) in 1963. Today, about 650 people work on around 29,000 square meters. Most in development and assembly.

Maroplastic AG

The company in Reitnau (CH) has been developing and building customer-specific high-tech systems since 1968. It now has around 120 employees.

Rommelag AG

Since its foundation in 1964 in Buchs (CH) responsible for equipment sales, spare parts business, technical service and the procurement of trial and contract filling. Around 40 employees look after Central, Southern and Eastern Europe, the CIS states, the Middle East, the Maghreb, and Asia and Oceania.

Rommelag iLabs GmbH

Our 15-strong think tank for the development and implementation of digital solutions started in Karlsruhe (D) in 2017.

Rommelag Kunststoff-Maschinen Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

Since 1967 in Waiblingen (D). Today, around 35 employees are responsible for equipment sales, the spare parts business, technical service and the procurement of trial and contract filling in Germany, Northern and Western Europe, North and South America, Africa and the Middle East.


The specialists for contract filling and packaging including comprehensive development, approval and registration support. Rommelag CMO includes:

Holopack Verpackungstechnik GmbH

A success since 1975 and today represented by over 750 employees at two locations. Plant 1 in Sulzbach-Laufen (D) fills both pharmaceutical and chemical liquids. Plant 2 in Abtsgmünd-Untergröningen (D) exclusively pharmaceutical products.

Maropack AG

Since 1980 in Zell (CH). Its core competence is the filling of medical products as well as biological pharmaceuticals. Around 70 employees work here in three shifts.


The best support for our customers from the initial idea through qualification and validation to comprehensive after-sales services. are part of Rommelag Service:

Kocher-Plastik Maschinenbau GmbH

The starting shot in Sulzbach-Laufen (D) was fired in 1963 shortly after the first prototype of our bottelpack machine. A wealth of experience and 650 employees guarantee that everything runs smoothly for our customers.

Maroplastic AG

Those who have been designing and building customized high-tech systems in Reitnau (CH) since 1968 also provide outstanding service. Like the approximately 120 employees.

Rommelag Kunststoff-Maschinen Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

In Waiblingen (D), around 30 employees are responsible for sales and after-sales of bottelpack systems in Germany, Spain, Portugal, South America, the USA and Japan. The company has been in existence since 1967.


Single-use containment solutions for highly sensitive bulk materials in the pharmaceutical industry. Rommelag Flex includes:

Flecotec AG

In Badenweiler (D) we develop and distribute our unique containment system. The company has been part of our group of companies since 2014.

Thermo-Pack Kunststoff-Folien GmbH

Our company history started with its foundation in 1952. Today, we produce Flecotec containment systems in a class 7 clean room as well as compounds and profiles in Gaildorf (D). A recycling plant for plastics ensures the responsible and sustainable use of resources for the entire group of companies.

Well positioned at many locations

We are at home in Germany and Switzerland. Our solutions and technologies are in demand in over 80 countries around the world. That is why we operate sales companies in China and the USA as well as agencies in over 20 countries. Crucial to our success are our approximately 2,000 employees who work with great dedication to ensure that people around the world have the opportunity to access safe pharmaceutical products.

History made: the Rommelag milestones

We look back on 70 years with pride - and look forward with determination. We have a lot planned and look forward to actively shaping the future.


1952 - Film extrusion

The foundation stone of our group of companies is laid: Engineer Gerhard Hansen founds the company Thermo-Pack, which extrudes, prints and converts PE films.


1960 - Invention Blow-Fill-Seal

Gerhard Hansen creates the first prototype of a BFS bottelpack line. Since this has to fit into the freight elevator, he designs it to be extremely compact. A criterion that we maintain to this day.


1964 - Production and distribution

Kocher-Plastik Maschinenbau GmbH for bottelpack systems goes into operation in Sulzbach-Laufen (D). In Buchs (CH), Rommelag AG takes over sales in the neighboring country.


1967 - Sales expansion

Rommelag Kunststoff-Maschinen Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH is founded in Waiblingen (D) to promote machine sales in western Germany.


1968 - Production expansion

Bottelpack machines are now also to be built in Switzerland. Start-up of the Maroplastic company in Reitnau (CH).


1970 - New markets

Enthusiasm for bottelpack machines is growing worldwide: In Asia and Latin America, they are used in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.


1975 - contract filling (D)

Not every company has its own bottelpack machine as its means of choice. Gerhard Hansen therefore founds Holopack Verpackungstechnik in Sulzbach-Laufen (D) and from then on fills on behalf of customers.


1975 - Contract filling (CH)

A contract filling plant is also being built in Switzerland: Maropack AG in Zell. Products are initially mainly pesticides, engine oils and windshield cleaners.


1981 - CMO number 2

Holopack Verpackungstechnik is getting a second plant. Due to a lack of space, it is being built in Abtsgmünd-Untergröningen (D). Gerhard Hansen's son, Bernd Hansen, is responsible for the construction and management.


1983 - Location USA

To strengthen sales and service, Rommelag USA is founded in the state of Colorado.


1985 - Change of leadership

Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Hansen takes over the management of Hansen Group as managing partner.


1992 - Own cap welding and testing equipment

Because the quality of the results from other suppliers is not right, Bernd Hansen's team designs its own cap welding system. As well as a first high-voltage leak detection (HVLD) test facility.


1995 - Contract filling (USA)

Holopack International was founded in Columbia, South Carolina. It also fills pharmaceutical products on behalf of customers and in accordance with FDA guidelines.


1996 - Quality assurance for the first time

Officially first class: The ISO 9001 quality management system is introduced in the group of companies.


2001 - Performance strength

Contract filling is in demand: The fiftieth bottelpack line is therefore installed at Rommelag CMO.


2002 - Quality assurance for the second time

Certification up to date: The quality management system according to ISO 9001:2000 is introduced.


2003 – Highlights

Two occasions to celebrate: The thousandth bottelpack machine goes into operation and the Swiss Rommelag representative office is established in Shanghai.


2005 - Further development

The fourth bottelpack machine generation enters service.


2007 - Sales expansion (CHN)

Rommelag Trading is established in Shanghai to strengthen sales and services in Asia.


2010 – Biosafety Level 2

At Maropack AG in Zell (CH), the BIGE building with Bio Safety Level 2 is inaugurated. The first BFS production facility in the world to meet this standard for filling biological drug substances and genetically engineered active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).


2011 – Pharma Suite

State-of-the-art pharmaceutical production: At Holopack Verpackungstechnik in Sulzbach-Laufen (D), the new Pharma 2020 building will go into operation. This also includes a suite concept for pharmaceutical producers.


2012 – cool-BFS

Temperature-sensitive and sensitive products require special care. With the cool-BFS process, Maropack AG in Zell (CH) can now also safely fill these products to customer order in the BSL-2 Factory.


2013 - Training center

In Sulzbach-Laufen (D), the bottelpack Training Center is inaugurated for product training as well as installation, qualification and validation of a multifunction CoEx bottelpack line.


2014 – 50. Anniversary

We celebrate 50 years of Kocher-Plastik Maschinenbau GmbH and 50 years of Rommelag Switzerland. The group of companies can proudly look back on more than 1,800 bottelpack systems sold in over 80 countries.


2014 - Containment system

Flectotec AG in Badenweiler (D) becomes part of the Hansen Group. It develops and manufactures single-use containment solutions for the highly sensitive sampling, weighing and filling processes of the pharmaceutical industry.


2015 – 40. Anniversary

Holopack Verpackungstechnik celebrates its 40th anniversary and successful contract filling in Sulzbach-Laufen and Abtsgmünd-Untergröningen (D).


2016 - Rommelag brand

The companies of Hansen Group combine to form a strong brand: Rommelag. Its services are spread across four divisions: Engineering, CMO, Flex and Service.


2017 - Digitization

There is a double reason to rejoice: We celebrate 50 years of Rommelag Germany and the foundation of Rommelag iLabs GmbH in Karlsruhe (D). It develops digitization solutions around our bottelpack equipment.


2018 – 50. Anniversary

Another reason to celebrate: Maroplastic in Reitnau (CH) turns 50.


2021 – TOP 100

The Rommelag Group is awarded the TOP 100 seal for innovation success and innovation management.


2023 - Launch bp530

Introducing the bottelpack 500 series, starting with the bp 530: a revolution in Blow-Fill-Seal technology for aseptic filling.


2024 - Top Employer Germany

The development and well-being of our employees is our top priority. At Rommelag, these are not just empty promises, as we have had our processes certified by the "Top Employers Institute" in accordance with international standards. 

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