Filling your NEEDS with Aseptic Filling Technology

Rommelag supports you with the expertise of the inventor of blow-fill-seal technology and experience in the thousands of flexible film-based packaging solutions that we have realized to date. More than 1,800 bottelpack machines in active use stand as a testament to our unique level of expertise in the aseptic filling of liquid and semisolid substances. With the know-how we have garnered from producing billions of running meters of film, we have a clear understanding of exactly what can be done with granular polymer.


If it says “bottelpack” on it, you can rely on the uncompromisingly good quality offered by the inventor of blow-fill-seal technology. With a combination of German engineering expertise and Swiss precision, we make sure that your machine only ever produces precisely what you defined – from the smallest ampoule to the largest container. This is what we mean when we say: FILLING YOUR NEEDS.

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Contract Filling with Blow-Fill-Seal

Rommelag CMO fills more than 2 million containers a day for customers all over the world. At Rommelag CMO, we operate more than 50 systems in multiple configurations for you.

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Contract Filling with Blow-Fill-Seal

Customizable Aseptic Packaging Solutions

The specialists at Rommelag FLEX have realized thousands of projects and have developed tailored packaging solutions using plastic film, drawing on a vast array of pouches, sleeves, sacks, carrier bags, and food, shrink, and special films made of polyethylene, polypropylene, and plastic blends, and also special applications for sophisticated containment solutions in the pharma industry.

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Customizable Aseptic Packaging Solutions

Servicing and Validation Assistance

Rommelag SERVICE begins when you’re still developing a formula or fine-tuning your product design. Our experts will advise, assist, and support you – in all the different areas of your project and wherever you need us.

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Servicing and Validation Assistance
“Small volumes of liquids, sterile solutions, five-liter canisters, or toxic substances – there is a perfect bottelpack machine for whatever product you need to fill.”

Thomas Seibert, Director Technical Office, Rommelag ENGINEERING


We - the ROMMELAG Group of Companies – regard ourselves as an amalgamation of individual and legally autonomous companies. We offer our products and services under the umbrella brand ROMMELAG. Our companies are managed independently and decentralized.

Rommelag is the inventor of blow-fill-seal technology (BFS) and the global market leader in the aseptic filling of liquids and semisolids with its bottelpack machines. Our machines are primarily used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries. Together with our customers, we develop innovative packaging solutions tailored precisely to the specific packaging task in hand.

It all began with sheet extrusion in 1952. And to this day, more than 60 years down the line, Rommelag FLEX continues to offer first-class quality and vast expertise that you can benefit from.

We built the first prototype bottelpack machine in 1962. Since then, we have continued to gather and hone our expertise in packaging solutions made of plastic, and also come up with special applications and develop specific packaging solutions. We are delighted to say we now have customers in over 80 countries around the world and more than 2,000 dedicated employees.

The story so far – Rommelag’s history

Gerhard Hansen founds the company Thermo-Pack, which extrudes, prints, and cuts PE films to size.

The first prototype of the BFS bottelpack machine is developed.

The newly founded German company Kocher-Plastik Maschinenbau GmbH takes over the development and manufacture of the bottelpack machines.

The first bottelpack machine is launched and Rommelag Switzerland begins to sell bottelpack machines there.

Rommelag Germany is founded in order to sell bottelpack machines, initially in West Germany.

The company Maroplastic is founded in Switzerland for the manufacture of bottelpack machines.

bottelpack takes Asia and South America by storm and is used in the food and pharma sectors.

Holopack, Sulzbach, is founded and henceforth provides contract filling services.

Maropack is founded in Switzerland to provide contract filling services.

Holopack, Untergröningen, is founded.

Rommelag USA is founded to boost sales and service in North America.

Bernd Hansen takes over at the helm of the Hansen Group as its managing partner.

The first cap-welding machine for infusion containers demonstrates its prowess.

The first high-voltage leak detector (HVLD) is introduced.

Holopack International is founded in the USA to handle the contract filling of pharmaceutical products.

Officially first-class – a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 is introduced.

Installation of the 50th bottelpack machine for contract filling at Rommelag CMO.

Introduction of a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2000.

The 1,000th bottelpack machine goes into operation.

The Swiss Rommelag representative office is founded in Shanghai.

The fourth generation of bottelpack machines makes its debut.

Rommelag Trading is founded in Shanghai.

Maropack Switzerland’s BIGE biological building featuring biosafety level 2 is inaugurated.

Holopack’s suite-concept Pharma 2020 plant is opened in Sulzbach.

Introduction of contract filling of temperature-sensitive and other sensitive products using the cool-BFS process at the BSL-2 factory at Maropack AG, Switzerland.

Inauguration of the bottelpack training center for product training; installation, qualification, and validation of a multifunctional coex bottelpack machine at Holopack.

50th anniversary of Kocher-Plastik and Rommelag Switzerland. The Group has sold more than 1,800 bottelpack machines to over 80 countries.

Flecotec becomes part of the Hansen Group.

Holopack celebrates its 40th anniversary.

The Hansen Group companies are grouped under the strong “Rommelag” brand and are assigned to the four specialist divisions ENGINEERING, CMO, FLEX, and SERVICE. 

Rommelag Germany celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Incorporation of Rommelag iLabs GmbH, for digitization solutions of our bottelpack systems.

Maroplastic celebrates its 50th anniversary.