Packaging Ophthalmic Solutions with Blow-Fill-Seal

Packaging Ophthalmic Solutions with Blow-Fill-Seal

From single-dose droppers, to multi-dose containers, to large bottles of contact lens solution, blow-fill-seal is a uniquely advantageous method for the aseptic packaging of eye drops and related products.

Not only do bottelpack machines offer cost-effective eye drop production under highly sterile conditions, this method of aseptic filling and packaging also enables flexible container design, a reduced environmental footprint, and preservative-free formulas.


Single-use dropper ampoules

Because single-use (also known as unit-dose) eye drop containers eliminate the threat of cross contamination that emerges from reuse, they have long been the preferred packaging for preservative-free eye drops.


BFS eye drop ampoules created with bottelpack are made from environmentally friendly LDPE, a low-impact and lightweight material. In addition to being produced in a self-contained system, the resulting eye drop containers are easy to recycle.


Key features and benefits

  • Filling volumes up to 0.5ml
  • Easy handling and precise dosing
  • No cross contamination
  • Lightweight, low-impact LDPE


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Other applications of BFS in ophthalmics

  • Emergency eye-wash solution

  • Contact lens solution

  • Saline solution

Multi-dose dropper bottles

Blow-fill-seal insertion technology can be used to create reusable dropper bottles with tips that are specially designed to prevent bacterial entry into the ophthalmic solution. This technology makes it possible to fill multi-dose dropper bottles with preservative-free eye drop solutions, reducing irritation and preventing contamination.


Key features and benefits

  • Filling volumes between 5-10ml
  • Ideal for eye drop formulations with and without preservatives
  • Easy-to-squeeze containers
  • Wide variety of tamper-proof closure options including KMT for calibrated drop sizes