Advanced Aseptic Filling Machines for Every

Advanced Aseptic Filling Machines for Every Application

We firmly believe there’s no better, more reliable, and more cost-effective way to pack liquids and semisolids than with a Rommelag bottelpack sysem. To ensure that your products are in first-class packaging and can serve their purpose entirely reliably, we have complemented our range of bottelpack systems with a cap-welding machine and various inspection systems that can be seamlessly integrated into the manufacturing process or that will impress you as a stand-alone solution – for maximum safety and cost-effectiveness throughout the production process.

Why choose bottelpack by Rommelag?

At Rommelag, we don’t release anything that we haven’t checked down to the very last detail and found to be impeccable, be it containers we have developed especially for you, the bottelpack system itself, or the BFS process. We maintain our own laboratory testing and production facilities specifically to this end.

Be it a bottle or an ampoule, the container is manufactured, aseptically filled, securely closed, and ejected as a finished container, all within the system. This eliminates expensive space for storing containers, for cleaning processes, and for sterilization.

All of our bottelpack systems are manufactured and set up by our specialists such that they deliver perfectly smooth production. This involves everything from selecting the right components to integrating the bottelpack system into the entire production process, and much more besides.

Thanks to the precise individual dosages put into every cavity, the receptacles only contain exactly the predefined volume of liquid or semisolid.

Because every bottelpack system is unique, the software is specifically tailored to a system’s scope of services.

We produce virtually every part of our bottelpack systems ourselves. And that adds up to quite a few parts. This is the only way in which we can ensure that nothing but impeccable parts and components that you can rely on at all times are used. We will also support you with professional servicing and immediate spare parts delivery. Rommelag ENGINEERING makes you independent of third parties. You always talk directly to us. This saves valuable time and money, and eliminates unnecessary stress.

Rommelag’s bottelpack systems comply with the stringent requirements of the pharma industry, thus guaranteeing that your production processes will be recognized the world over.

You will find an overview of our bottelpack systems for containers and ampoules here.