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  • Why can't I order a system right away via the website?

    Every production environment and every application is different. We tailor our systems exactly to your requirements. However, our plant filter will give you a first idea.

  • My product is very sensitive to temperature. Can it still be filled using BFS technology?

    Yes, for temperature-sensitive goods such as vaccines, we have developed the special coolBFS technology.

  • My product is photosensitive. Can it still be filled using BFS technology?

    Yes, because with masterbatch, opaque primary packaging materials are also possible.

  • Is plastic packaging still up to date today?

    As a company, we value sustainability in many areas. We do not process conventional plastic but only high-purity plastics that are easy to recycle. In the overall eco-balance, BFS packaging materials also perform even better than glass containers.

  • What advantages does the test kit offer me?

    The test kit allows quick and easy compatibility and preliminary stability testing of liquid and semi-solid formulations in a BFS container without a full manufacturing process.

  • I would like to start BFS production sooner rather than later, but I do not yet have the necessary cleanroom environment. Do you have a solution for that as well?

    Not one, but several. The fastest possible production enables our contract manufacturing. However, if you already have your own bottelpack system - new or used - we will be happy to operate it for you in our cleanroom Pharma-Suite. Last but not least, we offer you the full know-how for safe cleanroom planning.

  • A distinction is made between bottle and ampoule production. What if I need a completely different primary packaging material?

    Ampoules and bottles are the most common primary packaging materials. They also offer an enormous range of design options. But with bottelpack equipment and molds individually tailored to your requirements, special solutions are also possible .

  • What opportunities for digitization do you offer?

    With RPP, the Rommelag Pharma Plattform, you can network your bottelpack plant "one-way" with your production and our service and maintenance team. Other accesses are excluded. As well as revalidation in case of adjustments.

  • Which companies belong to the Rommelag Group?

    We are a growing company, which is managed by the founding family. In Germany, we include: Kocher-Plastik Maschinenbau GmbH, Rommelag iLabs GmbH, Rommelag Kunststoff-Maschinen Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, Holopack Verpackungstechnik GmbH and Flecotec AG. And in Switzerland: Maroplastic AG, Rommelag AG and Maropack AG. We also have a global sales and service network.

  • Are Cleaning or Sterilization in Place (CIP/SIP) part of your systems?

    With our blow-fill-seal technology container production, filling and sealing take place in a closed, aseptic process. All product-carrying lines are automatically cleaned, sterilized and dried with sterile-filtered air. Additional cleaning and sterilization processes are not required.


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