The Rommelag service team will install the entire system including all the components and will run all the relevant tests, to make sure your bottelpack system delivers top performance and operates economically from the word go. You do not assume responsibility until everything has been fine-tuned and the system has been perfectly integrated into your fleet of machines/your company’s infrastructure.

Regular preventive servicing plays a significant part in further increasing the service life, and therefore also the cost-effectiveness, of your bottelpack system. If you take out a Rommelag SERVICE package, for example, you have the opportunity to extend the warranty on a new machine by a year.

It goes without saying that we will give your employees comprehensive training, either at Rommelag’s training center or at your business premises, taking them through everything that adds up to a smooth production process step by step. We will also happily share our expertise with you and your employees in the areas of safety, servicing and maintenance, process optimization, or machine setup. We have two fully operational training machines with a transparent setup at our premises precisely for this purpose. Our training services are rounded off by comprehensive documentation, both in printed and digital form.

Regular and professional machine inspections minimize the risk of system downtime and therefore boost your productivity and your system’s availability. Our system inspectors will see to all the servicing work for you. In the case of cyclic machines, for example, we will also see to the servicing of the fire detection system.

If an operational issue arises, we also endeavor to remedy the problem by means of remote maintenance first. This can save you valuable time and money. All we need for this is an Internet connection to the machine, which you would have to activate for us.

Something that isn’t working quite right doesn’t necessarily have to be immediately replaced. We work with top-quality components, many of which can be reconditioned at little expense.

The use of genuine Rommelag parts guarantees that system downtimes are kept to a minimum. We serve as a one-stop shop for the entire gamut of parts, and offer these parts in the quality and availability that only the system manufacturer can guarantee. Our service experts will help you identify the right parts and will send these to you on schedule ahead of a service.

Upon request, we will optimize your stock of spare parts by specifically providing you with critical spare parts. You will then have the most important parts at your direct disposal, should you ever need them. We are happy to advise you on which parts you should ideally always keep in stock.

In the event that a system part does grind to a halt, there’s another advantage of a partnership with Rommelag that pays off. We develop and build all of our systems and virtually all of the parts and components needed ourselves. As a result, we know each and every machine like the back of our hand and can make spare parts and manpower available around the world in next to no time.

Is your bottelpack system in its prime? Our specialists will give you comprehensive advice on your system conversion and modernization options.

To make your annual budgeting simpler, we offer the option of your booking a fixed number of service hours in advance. We will arrange the parameters with you in a one-to-one talk based on your wishes, be it 50 hours, 100 hours, or any other figure, as a package or per service call.

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No matter where you contact us from, our trained Rommelag SERVICE employees will provide you with expert, reliable, and rapid support – over the phone, by e-mail, and naturally also in person at your premises.


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