For Rommelag, sustainability is a tradition. We cultivate our relationships with customers, suppliers, partners and of course our employees with a long-term perspective. We live sustainable partnerships by standing by our word and being relied upon.

In addition to the classic environmental concept, we also see sustainability in the areas of social issues, such as ethical behaviour, health and safety, as well as in employee and customer satisfaction. We also live sustainability in economic aspects, for example in the area of recycling management with described processes and disposal concepts for residual materials from our production processes. 

Our Code of Conduct on social responsibility applies to all our employees as well as to our customer and supplier relationships.

Code of Conduct

In order to systematically achieve our sustainability goals, we have set up a Sustainability Team, which has prepared our Sustainability Report based on the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


In doing so, we followed the reporting standard of the Global Reporting Initiative.In our second group-wide report on sustainability, you can read exactly what sustainability looks like at Rommelag and where there is still potential for change and improvement. It provides valuable insights into our thoughts and actions and documents our contribution to a sustainable future.

Sustainability Report 2021