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Enabling people to have a healthy future is our goal. To this end, we develop innovative filling and containment solutions, provide advice and offer the best all-around service. On the other hand, we offer exciting working environments, genuine appreciation, flat structures and extensive opportunities. Get to know us and become part of our team!

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Work together

Open corporate culture

Flat hierarchies and transparent communication are what set us apart. Everyone has the chance to take on responsibility and make a difference.

People from all over the world

Locations in Germany and Switzerland, sales companies in China and the USA, representatives in over 20 countries and customers in over 80 countries - we are open to the world and value cooperation.

Community Experience

We promote team building - even outside of work - through festivals, anniversary celebrations, and the support of joint leisure activities.

Refuel in beautiful nature

What city dwellers only enjoy on weekends or vacations is right on our doorstep and offers a perfect balance to work.

Work and private life taken further

Flexible working hours

A lot of our work is done in full-time shifts. But wherever possible, we strive to offer part-time models and flexibility. For example, with a personal flex-time account.

Time value account for sabbaticals

Currently only possible in Germany: Build up value credits and use them at the appropriate time. For example, for time off before retirement, a sabbatical or to reduce working hours at higher pay.

More vacation

At our company, everyone gets special leave for personal occasions.

More flexible retirement

Those who wish to can pay part of their salary or special payments into a lifetime work account in order to have a flexible transition to retirement at a later date.


Money is not everything, but ...

Salary and special payments

We pay according to performance, grant vacation and Christmas bonuses, bonuses depending on the business's success, special payments for anniversaries, and additions to the family and marriage.

Company pension plan

With an employer-funded component, we create a valuable building block to add to your retirement plans. You can expand this even further with your own contribution.

Employee loans

We stick together: If things get tight financially, we provide support within a defined framework.

Company social benefits

Depending on the location, we offer, for example, canteens, fruit and drinks, company sports, language lessons or vouchers for leisure activities.

Promoted (e-)mobility

Using a chip card, you can also use our e-charging stations for your vehicle. In addition, we offer JobRad leasing and bear the insurance and maintenance costs.

You never stop learning

Internal training

You are challenged and encouraged with us, for example, via the Group-wide digital training centre with detailed training documents.

Specialized training

In annual development meetings, we agree on your options and best options.

Language courses

To promote diversity and integration, we offer language courses and work with other regional companies to support this outside the workplace.


For the sake of health

Occupational health management

The well-being of our employees is vital to us. That is why we take occupational safety and health promotion seriously.

Annual health day

With action booths, lectures and workshops, we help you to go through life strengthened.

Sick return interviews

For all those who return after a long or severe illness, we check the ability to work and whether operational reasons played a role in the disease.

Sports program

With egym, we provide low-cost access to nationwide sports, fitness and wellness facilities as well as online courses.

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"Logistics at Rommelag means a lot of variety for me and new challenges to solve every day. You can only do that with a really great team. And I'm part of it."

Janine Hunziker, Logistics Expert

"Because I am challenged and can develop myself, I have worked my way up from a simple packaging lady on the permanent night shift to forewoman. I'm still enjoying learning, and I'm proud of the appreciation people have for me and my work."

Katharina Powloka, Forewoman Packaging

"Building state-of-the-art filling lines at Rommelag is very interesting because all the machines are customized one-offs. I can fully contribute my knowledge and skills to every assembly and always learn something new."

Martin Hauri, machine fitter

" I started as a mechanical draftsman, continued my education with the company's support, and now manage the information technology department."

Günther Jabornegg, ICT Department Officer

"At Rommelag, I can help develop exciting international machine projects for customer service."

Patrick Schmid, Project Manager

"At Rommelag, my experience and knowledge are sought after and valued."

Peter Dätwyler, Design Engineer

Pleased to meet you: Job events and fairs

Take the opportunity to meet us in person and ask questions. It's worth it: We offer many entry-level and career advancement opportunities in the commercial, technical, chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.


Training fair Schwäbisch Gmünd (4 - 8 p.m.)

03 March 2023
Schwäbisch Gmünd

Training Fair Commercial School Schwäbisch Hall

March 28, 2023
Schwäbisch Hall

Job Fair Schwäbisch Hall VR-Bank (10 a.m. - 3 p.m.)

May 13, 2023
Schwäbisch Hall

Pleased to meet you: Job events and fairs

Take the opportunity to meet us in person and ask questions. It's worth it: We offer many entry-level and career advancement opportunities in the commercial, technical, chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.



26.–27. Apr 2022
Coventry, UK | STAND 625


19.–20. Mai 2022
Marrakesh, Morocco | STAND No. 12

Well positioned at many locations

We are at home in Germany and Switzerland. Our solutions and technologies are in demand in over 80 countries around the world. That is why we operate sales companies in China and the USA as well as agencies in over 20 countries. Crucial to our success are our approximately 2,000 employees who work with great dedication to ensure that people around the world have the opportunity to access safe pharmaceutical products.


Doers welcome: Find your job at Rommelag now!

We are always looking for people who want to make a difference and develop themselves. We are sure that you will find the right offer for you. And otherwise, we look forward to receiving your unsolicited application.

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