Get in top shape: Training and dual studies at the hidden champion

Sure, the name Rommelag doesn't mean anything to everyone right away. But almost everyone has had a product in their hand that was manufactured using our Blow-Fill-Seal-Technology and bottelpack machines. This has made us the world market leader and offers young people great opportunities in the commercial and technical fields. Seize them!

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Taking off right from the start

Well-thought-out application process

After a successful interview, we invite you to take a recruitment test, internship or trial work, depending on the position.

Part of a large team

You are not alone among "old hands," but become part of a group of over 100 trainees and students. You will encounter good cooperation in all areas and across hierarchical levels.

Welcome day

At the end of August, we welcome new trainees and students with their parents. We give a tour of the company and introduce the training team.

Introduction week

On to the experience onboarding: You can expect exciting information about us and your training, great games, campfires and joint explorations.

Initial equipment on the house

So that you are recognizably one of us and are well equipped for everything to come, you will receive a Rommelag-branded initial outfit from us.


Years of profit

Anything but boring

During your departmental tour you will get to know our interesting portfolio. You are part of an experienced team, get a variety of tasks and can develop yourself.

Own training workshop

With practice you understand many things better. That's why you get to drill, file, mill, turn, grind and more during basic training.

Award-winning training company

We are one of the most important training companies in the region. The Dualis certificate confirms that you are learning in a professionally sound and comprehensive manner with us.

Best chance of being taken on

If you want to be successful in the long term, you need excellent specialists. That's why we take on around 90% of our trainees and students.


Strong performance on top

Wide range of social benefits

We are a large family business that challenges and encourages. In addition to the training pay, you can look forward to various bonuses.

Trainee sport

Empower yourself: Our special sports and fitness program for trainees and students strengthens not only the body but also the team spirit and working atmosphere.

Special payments

We offer financial rewards for particularly good annual and final performance.

Apply now

"I was hired for purchasing immediately after completing my training. After that, I was offered a transitional position to oversee an area for several months. Most recently, purchasing was divided into strategic and operational. I got my wish when I was assigned to strategic sourcing."

Daniel Köger, Strategic Buyer

"You learn a lot. Already in the first years of apprenticeship, you not only get to know Rommelag CMO, but you are also deployed in the sister companies (Rommelag Flex and Rommelag Engineering). This allows you to learn more about the interrelationships and processes within the company, but also across the entire group. Plus, you not only work on impressive machines, but you also get to know them from the ground up."

Rainer Sauter, Head of Filling Department

Great to meet you: Training and study fairs

The best way to find out whether you are a good match is to talk to someone in person. Take the opportunity at an event near you. Introduce yourself and get answers to all your questions.


Training fair Schwäbisch Gmünd (4 - 8 p.m.)

03 March 2023
Schwäbisch Gmünd

Training Fair Commercial School Schwäbisch Hall

March 28, 2023
Schwäbisch Hall

Job Fair Schwäbisch Hall VR-Bank (10 a.m. - 3 p.m.)

May 13, 2023
Schwäbisch Hall

Well-positioned at many locations

We are at home in Germany and Switzerland. Our solutions and technologies are in demand in over 80 countries worldwide. That is why we operate sales companies in China and the USA and agencies in over 20 countries. Crucial to our success are our approximately 2,000 employees, who work with great dedication to ensure that people worldwide can access safe pharmaceutical products.