The Alternative to Glass: Blow-Fill-Seal

The Alternative to Glass: Blow-Fill-Seal

From industrial production facilities to private households, it’s hard to imagine what our lives would be like without glass. That said, there are considerable advantagesto using plastic as a primary packaging material for liquid and semi-solid pharmaceuticals. With its innovative blow-fill-seal (BFS) technology, Rommelag has created a range of options that are truly unique. Take a look for yourself and discover how bottelpack systems could make your daily production output more simple, reliable, and cost-effective.

Reasons to Choose BFS Technology for Your Aseptic Filling Processes

  • Break-proof, user-friendly containers
  • Diverse container shapes and sizes
  • Straightforward adaptation to the specific application and administration type
  • The perfect choice for even sensitive formulations
  • Maximum safety thanks to ISO Class 5 conditions
  • Approved by regulatory bodies (EMA & FDA)
  • Recognized advanced aseptic process (USP 1116) 
  • Fully automated processes for manufacturing, filling, and sealing containers in seconds
  • Significantly smaller spatial requirements than conventional filling systems
  • Exceptional process and product reliability
  • Outstanding filling accuracy
  • And much more

Space-Saving Filling Equipment

The process of filling glass containers requires plenty of space. First things first, the glass containers themselves have to be stored somewhere until they are used. And then, of course, they have to be unpacked, carefully washed, and sterilized. But with a bottelpack system, all of these steps are a thing of the past. The packaging isn’t produced until seconds before the filling process begins, and is sealed again just a few moments later. What’s more, this all takes place under extremely low-particle, aseptic conditions without any glass breakage or splintering. Now that’s advanced aseptic processing.

Aseptic Packaging – Just the Way Your Customers Want

There’s no question about it: even glass can be flexible when it comes to shapes and filling quantities. But only BFS packaging facilitates fully integrated production of user-friendly containers. When it comes to ampules, for example, these can even come complete with an integrated Luer connection. This enables a secure and direct connection to a syringe without splintering or having to use a potentially hazardous needle.

For more complex packaging systems, the range also includes the appropriate droppers, valves, and infusion caps for you to choose from. And then there’s the blow-fill-insert-seal process, which can be supplemented with insert components to provide additional functionality. But the decision on which container or system is best for your product is all down to you. With BFS technology, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your preferences and requirements. Our specialists will be happy to offer you advice and come up with a personalized profitability calculation to suit your circumstances.

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Particularly in the pharmaceutical sector, liquids and gels can often be highly potent and extremely sensitive. Even the smallest impurities or contact with the ambient air can have a negative impact on their effects. This is precisely why aseptic filling is so essential to ensure flawless and consistent quality of the filling substance.

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Flexible Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

Are you impressed with BFS technology but don’t have the space for your own bottelpack system? Or perhaps you’re just starting out and only need to handle smaller quantities? No problem. Rommelag CMO has over 50 different bottelpack systems, each with their own individually configurable designs, which we use to carry out filling processes on our customers’ behalf. Better yet, we are the only company in the world to operate up to biosafety level 2 (BSL2).

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Blow-Fill-Seal: How It Works

Once extruded from the granulate, the plastic parison is taken out of the blow mold, blown into the correct shape, and filled to the perfect level with a filling pipe before being sealed immediately. With the compact bottelpack systems from Rommelag Engineering, the aseptic production process is so simple, it’s ingenious.

Shorter, More Reliable Production Chains

Unlike glass containers, which are delivered as empty vessels, the polymer for the BFS containers is delivered to you as a granulate. With the help of the extruder in the bottelpack system, this is then melted down, formed, filled in a matter of seconds, and then securely sealed without any additional seals or caps. Working with the granulate couldn’t be easier and it takes up barely any room. This means you can saveon costs before the filling process has even begun. What’s more, your customers will certainly stay safe as the unbreakable plastic packaging is extremely hard-wearing – even in the event of improper handling.