Fast, safe, sterile: Blow-Fill-Seal technology from the inventor

Our bottelpack systems revolutionize the filling of liquids or semi-solids. That's because container production, filling, and sealing take place in one step. Fully automatic and aseptic. In addition, you enjoy maximum flexibility and benefit from high-purity plastics in terms of eco-balance.

BFS works as simple as that

Good things come in threes, and your precious goods are wrapped in shatterproof, clean and user-friendly ways — billions of times a year worldwide.

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A tube is extruded from pure plastic granules. A container is blown into shape using sterile air.


The container is then immediately filled with the liquid or semi-solid substance in exactly the right quantity.


Finally, the container is hermetically closed, and a cap is formed.


Always on the safe side with BFS

100 % aseptic

ISO Class 5 conditions prevail at the filling point. All steps take place in a closed system.

Designed for CIP/SIP

All product-carrying lines are automatically cleaned, sterilized and dried with sterile-filtered air.

Certified technology

We offer you an overall concept for qualification and validation recognized by the authorities worldwide.

Shatterproof containers with precise dosing

Plastic reduces the risk of splintering and transport damage. The primary packaging allows removal in the desired quantity.

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The most economical way to fill

Minimal logistics, cleaning or sterilization processes

There are no prefabricated containers to store, transport and sterilize.

Low production costs

Plastic granules are cheap. The BFS systems use these to produce up to 34,000 units/h in almost any desired shape

Little space required

Our systems are very compact and minimize the investment for clean room and filter performance. You do not need areas for empty containers, cleaning or sterilization.

Smooth processes

We tailor everything to your requirements: from the components to the software to the integration into your production line.

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Sustainable advantage thanks to Blow-Fill-Seal

Good overall eco-balance

Plastics tie up fewer resources than glass during production and disposal. In addition, less CO2 is produced because the transport weight is lower and no empty containers are transported.

Recyclable pharma-grade monomer material

Production waste is regranulated and reused in the BFS process or returned to the recyclable material cycle, for example, for film production. The final disposal by incineration produces water and carbon dioxide.

Efficient, durable equipment

We offer the best quality and continuously optimize bottelpack models for less energy and material consumption as well as heat recovery.

Sustainable lifecycle service

With our help, you keep your equipment up to date and always produce efficiently. Often, simple adjustments or a new shape are all it takes.

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The proof of the pudding is in the eating: Order a test kit now!

Do you want to take a closer look at how our BFS containers could be suitable for your application? Then order our test kit, with empty ampoules made of different plastics and hardness grades. Or test our skills right away with a contract filling.

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Sensitive product? Cool!

The BFS process usually takes place at room temperature. For temperature-sensitive goods such as vaccines, we have developed a unique coolBFS technology. It reliably keeps your product at the desired temperature and quickly cools the freshly formed plastic containers before filling them. Thus, every precious drop is protected.


Discover your possibilities with BFS

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The main components of our test kit are 200 sterile, hermetically sealed empty plastic ampoules, which you can fill with 10 ml of your product. It is important that the plastic and degree of hardness of the ampoules match your product. We would be happy to advise you on this: Simply fill out the form below and tell us which substance you would like to use to test our blow-fill-seal packaging. We will then get in touch with you.