The Many Applications of Blow Fill Seal Technology

The Many Applications of Blow Fill Seal Technology

If you’re looking to pack liquids and semisolid substances securely and market them without having to invest in extra space, complex logistics, and rising warehouse costs for empty containers, look no further than Rommelag’s blow-fill-seal technology and bottelpack machines.

The pharma industry continues to be one of the primary users of the BFS process, but liquids and semisolids are increasingly also ending up in BFS packaging in the chemical industry and in many other sectors, for example cleaning agents, care products, and functional foods, to name but a few.

The advantages of contamination-free filling in shatterproof plastic containers are complemented by an almost unlimited array of application-specific packaging designs, low production costs, high output rates, and a minimal machinery footprint.

bottelpack makes it possible: 

  • Canisters, bottles, tubes, ampoules, drop bottles, bellows containers, and portion packaging
  • Polyethylene, polypropylene, or multilayer containers
  • Output volumes of more than 34,000 pieces an hour
  • Filling volumes ranging from 0.04 milliliters to 10 liters
  • For pharmaceuticals, the chemical industry, the food industry, etc.
  • And much more besides