BFS Aseptic Filling Equipment for Cosmetics,

BFS Aseptic Filling Equipment for Cosmetics, Supplements & More

With highly sterile processing and cost-effective production, blow-fill-seal is an indispensable technology for packaging pharmaceutical products. But these same advantages also make BFS an ideal solution for filling and packaging household products of all kinds.

From non-GMP products like cosmetics and nutritional supplements, to everyday chemicals like motor oils, glues, and aquarium care products, bottelpack BFS machines can quickly and reliably package liquids and semi-solids into a wide range of user-friendly containers.

Want to know if your product is right for the blow-fill-seal process? We are happy to offer detailed consultations and perform trials on our testing equipment.


Filling for Skincare Products

Cosmetics and skincare products require attractive and easy-to-use packaging if they are to become a part of customers’ daily routines. As a cosmetic liquid filling machine, bottelpack creates sterile and perfectly-dosed containers of creams and serums like hyaluronic acid. These trendy, transparent BFS containers protect sensitive ingredients, ensuring that each application is fresh and effective even without the addition of preservatives. 

Filling for Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals

From pediatric electrolytes to hang-over cures, from beauty tonics to energy shots, blow-fill-seal is used to create the perfect containers for functional foods. bottelpack offers a high degree of flexibility for container design and can readily accommodate containers with wider openings for easy drinking.


The viscous and fast-drying nature of super glue makes it a particularly challenging product to effectively fill into containers. Bottelpack machines with flow control units rise to the challenge, ensuring the ideal filling volume for each unit. Blow-fill-seal can be used to create innovative packaging for super glues, such as easy-to-squeeze containers with reclosure mechanisms.



    • Food supplements
    • Machine oil and engine oil
    • Pheromones
    • Detergents
    • Aquarium care products
    • And much, much more


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