Packaging Injectables and Intravenous Solutions

Packaging Injectables and Intravenous Solutions with BFS

From small plastic vials to IV containers, blow-fill-seal offers the ideal combination of hygiene, user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness for aseptic packaging of parenteral solutions. BFS technology enables the creation of customized plastic containers designed for especially easy storage, inspection, and administration. As a completely closed system that eliminates the need for pre-formed containers and films, bottelpack simplifies the filling and packaging of sterile injectables and intravenous fluids.


Small volume containers for sterile injectables

Major advances in blow-fill-seal technology have made plastic ampoules into an asset for parenteral manufacturing facilities and health care professionals. Compared to glass vials with rubber stoppers, ampoules that are formed and filled on bottelpack machines are at lower risk of both breakage and contamination. Furthermore, the blow-fill-seal technique allows for the creation of innovative packaging for easy administration. Say goodbye to stubbed or cut fingers and shattered containers: sterile injectables filled via blow-fill-seal can be withdrawn without needles and directly connected to luer syringes.


Key features and benefits

  • Filling volumes between 1 and 30 ml
  • Plastic resins: mono material LDPE or PP, COP (Zeonex), and COC (Topas)
  • Option for terminal sterilization
  • Low absorption and moisture permeation
  • Safely disposable and easily recycled

Large volume IV containers

IV solutions are basic life-saving drugs that are as wide ranging as their applications, including hydration agents, chemotherapy, pain management, antibiotics, plasma volume expanders, total parenteral nutrition, and many more. The blow-fill-seal process offers the highest level of sterility assurance in this field of pharmaceutical manufacturing matched with low production costs. The resulting IV containers are transparent, collapsible, lightweight, and shatterproof for optimal user-friendliness.


Key features and benefits

  • Filling volumes between 100 and 2000 ml
  • Inert, drug compatible raw materials
  • Flexible material for non-vented IV tubing
  • Good fill volume for admixture preparations
  • Batch and expiry information displayed permanently in container
  • No contact between cap and IV solution
  • Self-standing and non-slip container

Easy Empty IV containers by Rommelag

These plastic bottles for intravenous solutions are specially designed to collapse without venting the container, thus requiring less overhead space. Savings are also found in their production:

  • Lightweight container uses 10 to 15 percent less resin
  • Higher number of cavities for Slim Fit model increases production output
  • Smaller cap on Slim Fit model reduces cost per bottle
  • Lower container height saves storage space




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