Ready to use: Perfect BFS primary packaging for your application

Our plastic ampoules, bottles and canisters are as individual as your liquids and semi-solids. After all, the application and dosage of your product largely determine the design of the primary packaging. Use bottelpack equipment to make, fill and seal it sterile. In one step. By the thousands in the hour.

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Maximum flexibility: our container design

Drop, apply, drink, or inject - the application of your product is critical. As well as the desired filling volume. We advise you in detail and develop the optimum primary packaging together. Whether ampoule or bottle, with a hanging device, recessed grip, applicator, embossing or label ... For fill volumes from 0.04 to 2,000 ml. Unique in any case.


Ampoules for single and multiple applications

With 0.04 to 20 ml, each single-use ampoule contains precisely the amount needed for the specific application. This is convenient and, above all, a guarantee of absolute purity - even without preservatives. Combined into fixed or foldable ampoule blocks, they form a functional packaging unit. Of which you can produce up to 33,000 per hour.

Reclosable ampoules for multiple applications are usually upright containers with a tamper-proof closure. They can also be filled with liquids without preservatives. The filling volume is 1-15 ml. Depending on this, up to 12,000 units per hour are produced. 


Bottles for placing and hanging

From fifty millilitres to one litre, typical Blow-Fill-Seal bottles hold liquids of all kinds and offer an infinite range of different geometries. Bottle tops and closures also vary to match: from piercing or pouring openings to unvented withdrawal solutions. And if you want your bottle to hang upside down, its practical tab is created simultaneously in the Blow-Fill-Seal-Process.

Once everything has been designed and the optimum mould has been built, in some cases, a few simple steps are all that are needed to produce different volumes with the same mould. Depending on the filling volume, up to 10,000 pieces per hour.

Flaschen zum Stellen und Hängen

Von 50 ml bis zu 1 l fassen typische Blow-Fill-Seal-Flaschen Flüssigkeiten jeglicher Art und bieten ein unendliches Spektrum verschiedenster Geometrien. Passend dazu variieren auch die Flaschenköpfe und Verschlüsse: von Einstech- oder Ausgießöffnungen bis hin zu unbelüfteten Entnahmelösungen. Und falls Ihre Flasche kopfüber hängen soll, entsteht die praktische Lasche dafür im Blow-Fill-Seal-Prozess gleich mit.

Ist alles konzipiert und die optimale Form gebaut, genügen in manchen Fällen wenige Handgriffe, um mit demselben Werkzeug unterschiedliche Volumina zu produzieren. Je nach Füllvolumen bis zu 10.000 Stück pro Stunde.


Bellows containers and applicators

Special applications require unique primary packaging materials to make the application as simple, safe and convenient as possible. The best example are our bellows containers. Their accordion-like shape makes them very easy to compress and squeeze. They are, therefore, particularly popular in the pharmaceutical sector, for instance, for gels administered vaginally or rectally.

This becomes even more convenient in conjunction with special applicators. These do not have to be applied first but are created simultaneously during the Blow-Fill-Seal-Process.


Canisters for large filling volumes

BFS canisters are the tool of choice for filling volumes of up to ten litres. Here, too, you can freely design the containers with practical handles or precision-fit connections for direct use in nebulizers, for example. Additional functions, such as metering units, are also possible. This makes it easier to remove liquids like cleaning agents as needed.

Kanister für großes Füllvolumen

Für eine Füllmenge von bis zu 10 Litern sind BFS-Kanister das Mittel der Wahl. Auch hier haben Sie alle Freiheiten und formen Behälter mit praktischen Haltegriffen oder passgenauen Anschlüssen, zum Beispiel für den direkten Einsatz in Verneblern. Möglich sind auch Zusatzfunktionen wie beispielsweise Dosiereinheiten. Damit können Flüssigkeiten, etwa Reinigungsmittel, leichter nach Bedarf entnommen werden.


Functionally correct connections and closures

Which tamper-proof closure is best depends on the application. What they all have in common is the hermetic sealing of the primary packaging in the BFS process. Any screw caps are then applied fully automatically - online or offline.

Luer-Fit und Luer-Lock-

Luer-Fit and Luer-Lock

This secure connection allows liquids like injectables to be drawn up easily with syringes without needing an additional needle. For ampoules with a vented Luer connection, pressure compensation is automatic.


Twist-off cap

The twist-off cap is formed during welding and is firmly attached to the container. Just grab it and twist it off. Proven billions of times over - especially for single-use ampoules - and highly flexible in design.

KME Verschluss

KME closure

Has a screw cap with a puncture pin. When this is twisted into the welded bottle top, it creates an opening for dripping or spraying out. It is particularly suitable for multiple applications.

Euro Verschluss

Euro closure

A combination of hermetically sealed container and Euro cap. Specially adapted to the requirements of infusion bottles (IV bottles).



Arises during welding and allows easy, pinpoint piercing of the container.

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Customized service: our contract filling

Do you want unique primary packaging but not currently want to invest in your own bottelpack machine? No problem: As a one-stop partner, we also offer you the perfect solution and produce on your behalf. 


Optimized in every detail

The container geometry alone offers countless design possibilities. But there are other parameters for making primary packaging as perfect as possible.


The right plastics

We offer a wide range of pure plastics: LDPE, HDPE, PET, PP, COP, and COC. Which one is best in each case depends on the viscosity and sensitivity of your product. The application is also essential. For example, should the primary packaging material yield quickly to pressure or not?


Degree of transparency

As a rule, BFS primary packaging materials are milky, but depending on the plastic and the application, transparent containers with a glass-like appearance are also possible. Colours are applied using masterbatch. This also allows products to be filled into a light-protected container.


Clear labeling

When designing your primary packaging, we always consider sufficient space for labelling etc. This depends on whether they are applied by label, laser or hot stamping.

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Do you need it multilayered? No problem!

Occasionally, a layer of polyethylene or polypropylene is not enough to adequately protect the product. This can be the case when the containers must meet the increase of water vapour or gas barrier. With bottelpack CoEx machines, you can easily blow, fill and seal multilayer plastic packaging in these cases.

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